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Bugzilla is free and open to anyone who registers with it. The big advantage here is that many users can share bug information, or view feature requests or planned new features and track these, in true open source fashion. From time to time we will also publish patched prerelease versions by attaching them to their relevant bugs.

With more complex bugs, to help us helping you better, you should also refer to the troubleshooting section. It describes how to create an error log.

When submitting new bug reports, please search first whether the bug is already submitted to avoid yours being marked as duplicate.
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1. When submitting new bugs, please search first whether the bug is already submitted to avoid yours being marked as duplicate.
2. For easier processing, please make sure that the title describes the bug precisely.
Titles such as "bug report" or "compatibility problem" are not helpful.

TIP: Some examples for good bug titles are: "quoted body missing when replying", "feature request: add reply to sender for newsgroups".


New Issue Tracker at Github

To bring issues into the 21st century (and a secure website) - you can now use our github tracker.

Latest Issues on github

Issue #Description
issue 16 In some cases, images in signature trigger the "blocked file" warning
issue 17 Add %spellcheck()% variable for changing spellchecker to a different language
issue 8 Support File Templates - to replace Stationery from Thunderbird 68 forward
issue 4 SmartTemplate 2.1 problems with determining current language of Thunderbird
issue 3 %dateformat% doesn't show leading zeros.
issue 2 Headers duplicated with Virtual Identity
issue 9 %header.set(from)% not working in Tb60.9

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Latest bugs filed for SmartTemplate4

Bug #Description
26689 Support setting priority with %header.set()%
26688 Multiple %matchTextFrom% in a line returns only 1 result
26685 Variable to list original attachments
26677 header.set.matchFromBody improvements for subject line
26667 ESR 2019 Readyness - compatibility with Thunderbird 68
26642 sequences of URL encoded characters such as %C3%B5 may trigger ?? warning
26636 Stationery broken with %sig(text)%
26635 Cursor when writing/forwarding not placed in "To:" Row - if reply-to is set
26634 header.*.matchFrom* functions: append/prepend arbitrary text to field based on match
26632 Using %dateformat% in reply: not automatically tidied up on send

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